Zhao & Co is a full-service partnership law firm focusing on civil and commercial legal services and specializing in banking, finance, maritime affairs and foreign investment. With dedication and commitment to our clients, we provide specialized legal service and systematic solution to maximize the profit of our clients.

  In Beijing and in Shanghai, we have a team of about 20 lawyers.Our working languages are Chinese, English, French and Japanese。Lawyers and consultants of Zhao & Co have strong legal background and vigor. We have senior legal experts who regale on allowance from the State Department of PRC, lawyers who achieve legal doctor's and master's degree in some well-known universities in France,U.S. and Japan, uesd to be the leaders who manage banking and finance issues in foreign capital bank and domestic bank or direct maritime affairs in tremendous-scale shipping group.

Services Overview

Maritime Affairs

Our lawyers have profound theoretical knowledge of maritime law and are familiar with laws governing the maritime shipping industry and the marine insurance industry. Some of them have been in charge of legal matters concerning shipping and international trade for shipping companies or international trading companies. Some of them have education background of maritime law and marine insurance law both at home and abroad.

Our lawyers are experienced in providing legal services on maritime transport, marine insurance and other maritime related matters for domestic and international clients. We have represented dozens of well-known Chinese and foreign shipping companies, ship-building companies, charter companies, shipowners P & I clubs, charterers mutual P & I associations, cargo owners, insurers and forwarding agents in legal matters.

Maritime Litigation & Arbitration

To solve litigation and arbitration regarding maritime transportations, maritime accidents, marine pollution, marine insurance, marine engineering, ship construction and so on.

Bill of Lading

To deal with various types of disputes regarding bill of lading, such as releasing goods without original bill of lading, freight dispute, shipping documents dispute and fraudulent bill of lading.

Charters and Ship Finance

To review and draft charter parties, to assist our clients to lease ships on the basis of negotiation with shipping agency, to review the legal risk in the ship finance project and assist our clients to deal with the ship mortgage and insurance.

Banking and Finance

Our lawyers used to be the leaders who manage banking and finance issues in foreign capital bank and domestic bank. We are experienced in providing legal services on corporate finance, capital market, project finance, infrastructure finance, trade finance, debt reconstruction, syndicate credit facilities, leasing finance, security arrangement, trust, investment funds, insurance, financial service, swap, option and other derivatives.


We are experienced in banking related legal services. Our services include but not limited to: represent banks in debt collection and enforcement, legal services in establishment of internal control system for commercial banks, issue legal opinion for banking-related business, invest bank clients' background and credit standing, follow credit funds and design guaranty proposal.


Our services for financing include but not limited to: all-round legal services regarding commercial bank loans, syndicated loans, project bonds, leveraged lease and other forms of financing methods, secured loan and comprehensive credit, derivatives financial instruments such as swap transaction, project financing, foreign investment and BOT operation, project assignment and taxation arrangement.


Zhao & Co acts as a regular adviser for various types of companies and provides legal and investment advices for them, including: company incorporations, restructuring, transformation of ownership, shares transfer and structure designs of shares, mergers and acquisition, stock-restructuring, corporate governance, financings, venture capital, bankruptcy and liquidation. Besides, we also render legal advices in labor, taxation, environmental protection and other business-related matters.

Company Establishment

To assist domestic clients to set up limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, partnerships, holding companies, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices and other economic entities;

To assist foreign clients to set up foreign representative offices, equity joint ventures, contractual joint ventures, solely foreign-funded enterprises and other entities in China; to assist foreign companies to set up holding companies or regional head quarters in China.

Corporate Governance

To draft and review of the employee handbook, the salary package, the meeting of shareholders, the board of directors, the corporate management system and other corporate governance documents;

To act as witness in the meetings of shareholders, the meetings of the board and other major activities of the company; to issue lawyer's proposals, attorney's letters, legal submissions for the company's projects.

Merger & Acquisition

To design M & A proposal, conduct and handle M & A due diligence investigation, make legal audition on acquisition object, equity transfer, equity disputes, bankruptcy and liquidation, etc.

International Trade

Our lawyers are experienced in handling with disputes regarding international trade. Our fields of practice: import & export, international trade settlement and financing, factoring, export processing trade, compensation trade, bonded trade, agency and distribution, consignment, rules of origin, letter of credit, bill of lading, customs surveillance, customs' protection of intellectual property, commodities inspection, license and so on.

Zhao & Co keeps long-term friendly cooperation relationship with law firms from U.S.A., U.K., France, Australia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong to guarantee that the Firm's legal services are client-oriented and of the highest standard professionals have been specially assigned to listen to and take care of complaints and concerns of Clients from Europe, America, Japan and China.


To draft, review and modify agreements, contracts, articles of association, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements and other legal documents, claims for liabilities for breach of contract, to issue lawyer's letter, legal opinion and lawyer's witness, to represent our clients in litigation and arbitration in connection with contracts and to handle non- litigation legal matters.


Our lawyers have extensive experience in advising on and implementing the latest Chinese labor rules and resolving representing both employers and employees in employment disputes. Most work relates to drafting and modifying labor contracts, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements, registering foreign employees and related services, handling labor transfer and termination, dispute resolution (mediation, arbitration and litigation).

Litigation and Arbitration
We also represent our clients in various types of civil and commercial litigations, criminal litigations and arbitrations. Our regular portfolio covers general civil litigations, commercial litigations, criminal defense, domestic and international commercial arbitrations. labor arbitrations and litigations.